26 Geniuses Who Made Do With What They Had

Sometimes in life you face a problem that you’re not properly equipped to handle. Maybe something’s broken and you don’t have the right parts to fix it or perhaps you need to use something that you simply don’t have right at that moment. Now, some people will just give up at this point or call in the professionals if it’s a job that urgently needs doing. And, then there are the “geniuses” out there who will make do with what they have.

These may not be the most elegant solutions, but they certainly get the job done!

We wonder just how uncomfortable this is…

The hole in the photo on the left was definitely improved. The photo on the right makes us feel very nervous though! 

This one’s pretty good thinking, if it’s functional that is! It might look a little odd but who cares?

We’ve seen a lot of things in our lives, but never have we seen someone with ‘shoes’ like in the photo on the left! The lock on the right photo looks far too easy to break to be honest… 

But, would the pasta on the left taste like coffee? And, how much vibration would even transfer to the tooth brush head on the right? 

With just a few household items you can create your own DIY phone speakers!

This is a brilliant idea! Now you can rest assured your books will stay dry! 

Drills make for good DIY mixers. We wouldn’t recommend using scissors as the mixing part, though. 

In need of a razor handle? Grab a fork! Has a part of your couch strangely gone missing? No problem just grab a chair!

We doubt it lasted very long. The weather would not have been kind to this print out!

We’re going to guess that the brush on the left image is one that has a mirror on the back. Although the clock idea is a good one, couldn’t they just move it?

Making the most of what mother nature provides you on the left! If you ever replicate the idea on the right, make sure you give your iron a good wipe before using it on any clothes! 

Both of these ideas just don’t sit right with us. The pens wouldn’t feel right and the ‘drinks holder’ would cause more stress than it’s worth! 

Simple but effective! 

We would be willing to bet that students were responsible for these! 

The socks on the toilet would get too germ filled for our liking. Is it just us or are those flip flops huge?!

If you’re going to do this, we recommend cleaning the trolley first!