Brilliant Kitchen Tricks That You May Not Have Known About

Whether you’re a top chef or a complete amateur in the kitchen, we know you’ll be able to appreciate a good tip when you see one. Here we have a collection of brilliant kitchen tricks that you’ll be glad you came across. For example, find out how to prevent certain foods from going off so quickly. Or, how to create a stunning chocolate dessert shell using just a balloon! Take a look, you might just learn something! 

Brilliant Kitchen Tricks

Sprinkle your avocados with apple cider vinegar or store them along side a piece of onion to prevent them going black. 

You can create a fantastic chocolate dessert shell using a balloon! We’re definitely going to try this! 

Extend the lifespan of your fresh berries by drenching them in a weak vinegar solution. 

Need a filling snack that requires minimal effort? We recommend this delicious cheesy bread. Sprinkle onions or herbs of your choice on top. 

Slice numerous tomatoes in one go by using two plates like so… 

Slice your cheese as shown so that you can use the end part of the packaging to keep the end of your cheese block nice and fresh. 

Don’t throw away unused herbs! Freeze them with melted butter or olive oil and use when needed. 

When your Nutella jar is almost empty, add some hot milk for a delicious drink! 

If you haven’t had an ice cream sandwich before, you’re missing out. Use a heated knife to slice through your tub with ease like in the image below. 

Apples help to prevent potatoes from sprouting. 

Reheat your pizza in a frying pan for a better quality of taste than the results from a microwave. 

If you want ‘golden eggs’, shake the egg before you boil! 

If you’re short of a rolling pin, a wine bottle works great! 

Foods such as celery and broccoli last longer when wrapped in aluminum foil.