12 Images Showing Unique Wearable Wooden Bags That Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before

Fashion is subjective. What one person deems as fabulous, another brands as hideous. Either way, it’s easy to feel like you’ve seen it all when it comes to different fashion trends but here we have something wonderfully unique! Istanbul-based ‘GRAVGRAV’ is a woodworking studio. They offer hand crafted wooden clutches, backpacks and purses made with natural materials such as oak, beech and walnut. Many of the designs include adorable embroidery and leather detailing. Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments!
Website: GravGrav

This is definitely the cutest cactus we’ve ever seen!

Have your clutch bag be the talk of any event with one like this!

The embroidery is perfect.

These items are perfect for those who like to be unique.

Here you can see the inside and back of one of the bag designs.

We would struggle to pick just one of these bags, we love them all!

You can always rest assured your possessions are protected.

So cute!

Here you can see the size of this bag style.

Some of these bags make us hungry!

This is one fashion trend we can safely say we adore!

If you have liked what you’ve seen be sure to check out the GRAVGRAV website!