11 Signs That You And Your Best Friend May As Well Be A Couple


There are all kinds of ways to have friendships, but for some people, a best friend is more than just a buddy. If your best friend is more or less your partner in life, then you’ll totally identify with this post. We’re talking about bffs who are so inseparable that they might as well be married or dating, just without all the sexy stuff. These are eleven signs that you and your best friend may as well be a couple. Check them out!

You spend so much time at each other’s houses you’re used to sharing a bed.

In fact, you’ve got to the point where buying a house together would be simpler.

Your relationship is odd but you love it.

You’d probably get married if no better romantic interests came your way.

You even know how the details would go down.

You’re always invited to each other’s family dinners.

If you’re somewhere with dancing, you know you’re dancing together.

You’re always hugging and being affectionate.

You have tokens of your commitment to one another.

You’re totally comfortable in each other’s presence.

You’re just so happy that you’ll get to spend your life hanging with your bff.

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