Real Life Occasions Where People Communicated With Ghosts

Seeing and communicating with ghosts and spirits is something that divides people. Some say the idea of such a thing is ridiculous and impossible whilst others claim to have experienced them first hand. Whether you’re a complete skeptic, or, you’re more the type to be open minded, you’re sure to find the below images interesting. They involve real life occasions where people communicated with ghosts and/or spirits. Take a look and see what you make of them!
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Real Life Occasions Where People Communicated With Ghosts

Ouija boards scare us… 

Interesting. A wild imagination or a true memory?

We would find it rather terrifying! 

Do you believe in curses?

It can be hard when people think you’re crazy.

If this is true, how great it is to be able to contact a fallen loved one. 

This does make sense.

The afterlife does seem to be a well kept secret… 

We would love to master lucid dreaming! 

People can take a while to warm to things unknown to them.

We get this. Even if we could, we would probably be too worried about causing problems to mess with ghosts and spirits. 

Believing can be hard for people who haven’t experienced certain things. 

There seems to be a pattern with these things starting in childhood. 

We prefer a happy story over a spooky one any day! 

We would like to know how she became a believer. This stuff fascinates us!