There’s An Instagram Account That’s Dedicated To Showing The Worst Home Design Ideas

The internet is a great source of inspiration, especially for do-it-yourself stuff. For one, you can check out various Etsy shops for arts and crafts ideas. Then there’s the trusty Pinterest for more extensive projects like interior design and home renovation. However, there are those who choose to take “DIY” literally—like way too far. While we all have the freedom to express ourselves artistically, we also can’t deny that there are also simply bad design ideas.

In fact, we’ve even discovered an Instagram page that blatantly exposes all these awful designs. The page’s handle says it all—Please Hate These Things. Well, it turns out that the creator of this hate page is an interior decorator herself. Hence, it’s safe to say that she has what it takes to bash these truly tragic interiors.


“It’s the end of days.”


“But how will people KNOW we’re fancy unless we etch the Lamborghini into the window?”


“Time to watch my soaps!”

For Dina Holland, these design fails are often a product of “lack of communication between the designer and owner.” True enough, people hire designers for their expert opinions. Unfortunately, Holland thinks that younger designers these days lack the confidence to oppose their client’s decisions. As a result, what they’re left with are horrible home interiors.

We’re not pretty sure if all houses featured on Holland’s page had designers or not. Nonetheless, one thing’s for sure—they’re all “absurd, ugly, and just plain stupid” to make it there.


“Not quite.”


“This would be an amazing very fancy cat house if it wasn’t an actual real life house for tacky people.”


“Before you get hung up on the elephant, let your mind wander to what kind of activities require a fully tiled bedroom.”


“Stop telling me what to do.”


“Takes 1 decorative painting class at Michaels.”


“Feel like you could put a nice dent in the national debt by auctioning off access to those 13 comments. I NEED TO KNOW”




“When you want a kitchen island but you also want a place to do the 6 o’clock news from.”


“Congratulations on your leather penis island legs.”


“Someone looked at this house and said ‘yknow what this needs? A Rapunzel tower and a high dive platform. Then it’ll be perfect.'”


Do yourself a favor and make sure you avoid them at all costs!


“I stubbed my toe just looking at this.”


“I’m choking I’m laughing so hard”


“You are killing this styling game.”


“I’ll take Swollen Vulvas for $600, Alex.”


“Damn how many years they wait to make that Moana sequel?”


“Who do we talk to about shutting down Pinterest?”


“‘Decorating’ is different in Wisconsin.”


“Big 80s hair metal fan. HUGE.”


“If it doesn’t spark joy are you allowed to just turn it into a window treatment?”


“Rise and Shine! Time for some tetanus.”


“Custom AF.”




“Covering all the bases.”


“Seems super practical.”


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“That thing better be a portal to the matrix otherwise WTF ARE YOU DOING???????”


“Hmm…yes it was missing something. Like the ability to actually see yourself in the mirror. But that’s been fixed now, thx.”


“Never has Instagram’s pinch to zoom feature been more necessary.”


“Nobody puts Bessie in a corner.”


“Approaching epidemic levels”


“My big fat totally unassuming house.”


“Did you discover DNA? Otherwise, no.”


“Oh thank God! Felt like I was gonna sleep way too soundly tonight.”


“That first step might getcha tho”


“Not pictured: skin suit”


“Who turned my Caboodle into a bathroom?”


“What is this schizophrenic nonsense?”


“Susan just could not say no to a good rug deal.”

Source: Instagram Please Hate These Things