It May Look Like A Normal Camper Van But At The Push Of A Button It Becomes So Much More

When you look at this van, it appears to be just a regular VW Transporter, but it's actually so much more. With the press of a button, something amazing happens and you end up with a spectacular camper van that is so much more spacious than you'd imagine it to be. Think Tardis with a twist. What you're left with is an awesome van that can sleep up to four people, has ample storage space and has a small, fully functional kitchen, complete with sink, fridge and a two-burner stove. Let's dial back on the spoilers and let you see the magic happen for yourself!





We at Awesome Inventions think this camper is just outstanding. We'd be first in line to get one, if only we had a spare $85,000 or so lying around! What do you think of the Doubleback camper? Would you like to camp in luxury and style, or do you prefer the more traditional method to be at one with nature, with just a leaky canvas between you and the stars? Feel free to tell us your opinions in the comments section below.

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