15 Hilarious Snapchats That Will Brighten Up Your Day

We see hundreds of Snapchats everyday but only some of them are truly amusing and worth laughing at. Here we have 15 of the most hilarious Snapchats showcasing random moments of life and clever observations of the things around us. Scroll down to see our list our that will definitely lift your mood!

This stand-up comedian has gotten too skinny.

All you need is a little imagination to create something ‘out of this world’.

This pretty much sums up my day.

Found him!

Seriously, when will the duck face ever end?

This is my ‘I don’t care what’s going on with the world’ mood.

I’ve finally found where I belong!

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You got exactly what you asked for.

Hey, look! The noodles look like hair!

Has anyone seen my turtle wax?

Good for you.

The chicken wonders where its relatives have gone?

I choose Gryffindor!

Best party ever!

Wishful thinking…