The World’s Largest Yacht

Move out the way Abramovich, there’s a new guy in town and he’s taken the title for the world’s largest yacht. One day when you might have so much money and you don’t know what to do with it all, why not invest in a luxury floating mansion? As that’s pretty much what this luxury yacht is!
This amazing yacht
built by Lurssen belongs to the President of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayhan. It’s a staggering 590 ft long! If that’s difficult to imagine then try to picture the length of 12 double decker buses! Not only is it the biggest, it may also be the fastest. It travels in excess of 32 knots with a total power output of 94,000 horsepower!
Of course, luxury comes at a price, and in this case, a huge price at that. This beauty
designed by Nauta Yachts costs a total of $605 million (£372 million).


Image Credits:Klaus Jordan
Image Credits:Klaus Jordan
Image Credits:Klaus Jordan
Image Credits:Klaus Jordan

 via: Businessinsider (images: Klaus Jordan)