Sad People Whose Misery Will Make You Laugh and Feel Sorry Altogether

Our folks always remind us not to laugh at other people’s misery but it is hard not to sometimes. These sad people intend to share their miseries to everyone for the sake of fun. This is because they believe that the best way to deal with sadness is to laugh it all off. So don’t hold back your laughter at these hilarious photos and let it all out. I’m sure these sad people won’t mind if you laugh at them. Besides, they’re giving the world the pleasure of poking fun at them.




That’s a positive message and we just hope she can apply it to her case. That no matter how misspelled the word is, the message is still clear.

Pleated Jeans

If you think you’re having the worst morning, then how about waking up to this horror of a breakfast?

Acid Cow

You should’ve buried it when you had the chance. Enjoy looking at your pet turn into a lump of charcoal.

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That’s one tough can to break. Two of your most trusted warriors are no match for it.

Pleated Jeans

Well, it’s better to be a sucker than to be a total loser.


When you find out that a total stranger never stopped loving you.


The irony when a moving truck can no longer move for being stuck.

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Miserable people who are having the worst day ever



Tell your Mom to wear contact lenses instead of fake eyelashes.

dead fly eyelashes sad people
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It’s too late for regret now. She might just as well try to act like a religious person from now on.

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We feel you, dude. Accidents happen sometimes but that definitely still hurts.


We feel sorry for the bird but we can’t help laughing at this story.

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Yes, fasting sounds nice but this sandwich tastes a lot better. Maybe I’ll start my fasting next week?


So, did they put the ashes behind bars? Seems like the police came a bit too late.

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You must have too much time on your hands when you have time to respond to automated messages.

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