40 Threatening Signs People Have Seen That Don’t Mess Around With Words

In this day and age, signs have become an integral part of our world. They provide valuable information that helps the flow of our daily lives run more smoothly. For example, we depend on signs greatly for navigational guidance. More significantly, signs help keep us out of harm’s way. If signs were to be animated, warning signs would be the gruff, blunt, and constantly cranky character in the ensemble. They’re rarely sugarcoated, because their purpose mainly concerns safety. But sometimes, sign makers just can’t help but make funny threatening signs to get their message across more effectively.

Some signs were just so good that its its captive audience just had to snap a photo to immortalize these strokes of genius. Scroll down to see some of the most epic warning signs ever made!

Sign at an Irish Zoo


Sarcasm Meets Capitalism


It’s only fair


This sign at my uncle’s house


I noticed a new sign at my doctor’s office




Good advice.

Funny Threatening Signs Good Advise



This corn maze sign.


At Pittsburgh Zoo – what?


Thanks for the heads up!


I mean…. it’s not wrong.

Funny Threatening Signs bees



Presenting: Exhibit A.


I have well-meaning neighbors who knock on m y door at all times (at all times) to inform me of neighborhood discord.


This sign.




This sign outside a cabin my family is staying in.


Gotta be bold to urinate in public in Tirana, Albania.


This sign at my local Orthodox Church.


At the Hippo Exhibit.


Take a guess.


This is a real sign.


Public Service Announcement to all kids.


Alligators love kids.


At a nearby wolf sanctuary.


Crocodile enclosure at Sydney Aquarium.


Just another day in Alaska.


Seen at my local tattoo studio.


Texas: Home of the World’s Scariest Sign.


This is how our tigers see you.


Trust me, I won’t.


No idea what it means but can’t be good.


Wheeeeeeeeeeeee-Uh Oh!


A good reminder not to drown.


No worries, three layers of glass still remain to protect you from the King of the Jungle.


My relaxing road trip from Darwin to Melbourne, Australia.


Killer coconuts in Oahu, Hi.


Advertisement for an anti-malaria medicine in 1941.


Ominous AF!


Ummm… Okay?


Found this gem at a local bulk foods store.

These funny threatening signs sure got our attention! Which one got yours the most?