11 Texts Between ‘Harry Potter’ Characters That Will Have You In Stitches


In the Harry Potter universe, there’s not really any need to text. People can use floo powder to talk to other wizards and witches through their fireplace, they can apparate at will or — if they don’t mind their message taking longer — they can send it by owl. However, wizards do occasionally use muggle items out of quaintness or curiosity, so what might happen if the characters from the Harry Potter books started texting one another? We’ve got eleven texts between Harry Potter characters that will have you in stitches (that’s a barbaric muggle medical method, in case you don’t know)! 



Little does Ron know…


OMG… we’re literally crying at this one!


Dumbledore has a wicked sense of humor. Love it!


There’s nothing quite like laughing at newbies.




It’s always the nargles.


Um. Yes. Silly old autocorrect. Ha ha ha.


Someone needs to conjure Hagrid a bigger phone.


Big danger. No time for questions. Sorry!


We can totally imagine something like this happening.


Well, it all worked out in the end.

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