12 Incredible Alternative Uses For Household Items You Probably Didn’t Know About


Quite often, things we commonly use around the home have alternative uses. These 'secret' or alternative uses for things are a bit mysterious and clever, as the majority of us go about our lives without having a clue about them. But thanks to the Internet, everyone can get in on the little secrets that can make life easier, and even save you money. Check out these 12 incredible ways to use household items that you probably didn't know about. They may just surprise and delight you!


A rubber band is great for those occasions when keeping a door unlocked is handy, like when you need to bring in groceries from the car.


Use nail polish to easily secure a screw.


Remove sticker residue with baking soda.


Rid your life of winter clothing static with hand cream.


Freshen up those stinky sneakers with a dryer sheet inside each shoe.


Did you know wrapping tomatoes in newspaper helps them to ripen up quicker?



Coffee grounds make an excellent fertilizer for plants, especially flowers such as azaleas and rhododendrons.


Toothpaste has a myriad of other uses besides cleaning teeth. Use it to help clear blemishes, or to eliminate odors from your hands after handling smelly foods, like fish, or garlic.


Get rid of wax or crayon spills from fabrics by blow drying the stain on high heat until it melts. Then simply wipe it away!


Keep fruit like apples and pears from browning too quickly with a little lemon juice.


Use straws to help firm up the ends of soft flowers.


Olive oil has many uses not directly related to cooking or eating. These include using it as eye makeup remover, or to help shine up stainless steel!

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