26 Ridiculous Or Genius Ideas You Will Love Either Way


When desperate times call for desperate measures you have to improvise with what you have at hand. But there's a fine line between ridiculous ideas and borderline genius ideas. Don't get me wrong, we all love a good DIY idea, just so long as they are safe. As some of these ideas demonstrate, it's probably better you leave things alone! However, there are a couple of gems in here, like the storing your beers in the snow for example. It really makes the most out of a bad situation!







Making the most out of a bad situation.




Duct-tape hammock anyone?!


DIY pizza cutter with a ruler and the top of a can.


Leaf blower anyone?


Definitely not a safe idea but we get what you are trying to achieve.


Not sure if serious?

ridiculous idea 2



This is taking car stereos to another level…



DIY hot tub! Not bad…


Flat screen anyone?! Love this!


Curling your hair using cans. Recycling at its best!



Spoiler made from wood. Cheap as chips. Not sure if it's safe though…



A great way to improvise if you don't have a air pump.



DIY cup holder. Yeah this is not a good idea.



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