Dunkin’s Snackin’ Bacon Is Coated In Brown Sugar And Black Pepper Seasoning

How does a bag of bacon sound for snack time? Well, if you’re anything like us then just the thought of it is enough to make you drool. Thank heavens because Dunkin’ is finally blessing us with its new Snackin’ Bacon. Yes, bacon for a snack, because why not? Also, can we just say that it’s an answered prayer for all of us sleepyheads who always miss out on breakfast time!

The donut company officially rolled out this latest offering on February 26th. According to a press release, it features the same caramelized bacon from their Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich. So, it’s also smoked with natural cherrywood and coated with brown sugar and black pepper seasoning. It’s sweet, salty and spicy all at the same time—making it the perfect snack.

Snackin' Bacon by Dunkin'


Snackin' Bacon

Each bag contains eight half-strips of this crispy and crunchy goodness. Simply put, it’s the equivalent to four full strips! And the best part is you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you want to. Now, is it too soon to ask for a bucket version of this? We hope not.

Of course, you’ll need a drink to go with your munchies. Well, Dunkin’ suggests pairing it with an iced coffee “for the optimal experience.”


“Because of the sweet caramelized, candied flavor profile, the new Snackin’ Bacon pairs perfectly with our caramel, French vanilla, and hazelnut flavor swirls.”





Now, that gives us more options for our new go-to morning and afternoon delights. Several Instagram users have also expressed their approval of the new Dunkin’ offering. One user wrote, “This is what heaven in a bag looks like, my taste buds were going crazy.” Another wrote, “There’s nothing more to say except “buy it whenever you’re at Dunkin’ and you want bacon.” Noted that!













Also, we just want to point out that Dunkin’ made no mention of this new offering’s duration of availability. So, we’re just going to assume that it’s not just a limited-edition offering. Now that it’s possible to have bacon at any time of the day, there’s no more reason to have a bad day at all.

Source: Dunkin’