Cadbury’s Have Released A Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit

Ever fantasized about a chocolate house? This might truly be the year we officially kick gingerbread houses to the curb. Because this year, the novelty confectionery is facing some serious chocolate-y competition. Following the release of the Oreo Holiday Cookie House Kit, Cadbury has also unveiled their Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit. It’s essentially every chocolate lover’s dream come true. (If only we could shrink ourselves to scale so we could eat nothing but decadent chocolate for days!)

“The limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit makes a magical and unique Christmas gift.”

We concur, Cadbury, we totally concur! Who wouldn’t love to get a tiny little house made of chocolate? It’s relatively cheaper than an actual house, and you can eat it. 

Half the fun of the Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit is the test of self-control and craftsmanship.

Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit

“New for 2019! A deliciously fun gift to make your own Christmas Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Cottage. A great novelty house shaped gift box with [sic] includes all the chocolate components to construct your chocolate cottage,” Cadbury wrote about the cottage kit.

christmas cottage kit

Yes, that’s right. Cadbury’s chocolate cottage doesn’t come assembled. You have to do some actual labor in order to have the chocolate cottage of your dreams.

The kit includes a range of Cadbury bars, including the new Dairy Milk with Gingerbread, Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland, Flake, and white chocolate buttons. With that much chocolate lying around, you can totally expect to swat away from sneaky hands. Of course, the actual challenge of this kit is if you’ll actually manage to assemble the cottage without breaking off a little piece. If you manage to hold out until it all comes together, you truly deserve good things!



The kit is a chock full of chocolate-y delights.

Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit Winter Gingerbread Chocolate Bar

The Cadbury Milk with Gingerbread appears to be the centerpiece of the kit, as it has earned quite a lot of rave reviews. According to those who have tried the Winter Gingerbread edition, the rich gingerbread flavors perfectly complements the smooth silky flavor of the brand’s signature milk chocolate.

Piecing together this chocolate cottage makes for a fun family bonding activity. Because according to the instructions, there will be some chocolate melting and chopping involved. So the construction of this Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage kind of has a whimsical feel to it. If you’ve ever wondered how it would be like to be Willy Wonka, then this is probably your best chance!

Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit

Unfortunately those who are allergic to milk, nuts, and wheat will have to pass up on demolishing this chocolate cottage. But if you’re a member of the non-allergic group, you can get Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit for £16.00 ($20) here. Or you can try your luck and hunt for it at your favorite candy store. Wherever you choose to get it from, we can only advise that you act fast, because this mouthwatering chocolate house is obviously on everyone’s holiday list!