40 Funny Dog Posts That Will Definitely Put A Smile On Your Face

Since the start of the year, we have been bombarded with calamities, tragedies and the deadly pandemic. Indeed, this year has been rough for everyone. Thankfully, the internet never runs out of funny dog posts to keep our spirits high and these lovely pets somehow make us want to forget about our worries. It’s as if they’re telling us to be like them – to live in the moment and appreciate the little things in life.

Known as the most effective therapy pets we could ever have, dogs have the ability to relieve one’s stress because these affectionate canines can sense their owner’s current state of mind. They know when you’re happy, when you’re angry or when you’re sad. Amazingly, they always find a way to make you feel better when you’re feeling down. Their mere presence also gives a calming effect particularly when we’re anxious or nervous. Having a dog as a companion indeed comes with a lot of benefits. In return for their unconditional companionship, all they’ll need from you is loving care (and some yummy treats).


Funny Dog Posts To Make Your Day Brighter

funny dog posts curtain hair

For most of us, this current global pandemic has been nothing but a nuisance. But for dogs, the current situation the world is going through might be a blessing in disguise. Since most people are required to stay at home, dogs can now finally have more time with their owners. During these difficult times, some people learned to look for the silver lining just by spending time with their dogs. True enough, there’s never a dull moment with these adorable canines. Whether they’re trying hard to catch your attention or doing some silly shenanigans just to entertain themselves, they never fail to bring us happiness and these funny dogs just prove that.


“Hina Is Doing This On Purpose… Just Trying To Cheer You All Up!”

hina the shiba inu likes to be different


“My Dog Is 16, So I Figured It’s Time For Some Driving Lessons”

man teaches doggy how to drive


“This Is Billie. She Never Understood Why I Had A Set Of Keys To Bring In The Car And She Didn’t. I Got Her A Set Of Her Own And Now She Insists On Bringing Them Anytime We Go For A Drive!”

funny dog posts keys

So, we’ve compiled this list of funny dog posts to cheer you up amidst these dark times. You can also share photos of your adorable dog in the comment section to share the joy. And don’t forget to share this post to your dog-loving friends to make their day too.


The Perfect Spot

pooch finds perfect spot


“That’s A Lotta Derps”

like mother like puppies


“The Perfect Tattoo Doesn’t Exi…”

perfect tattoo canine edition


Double Boop

funny dog posts double boop


“And With The Melting Snow, The Mystery Of The Missing Socks Was Solved”

hilarious pet mystery of the missing socks


“My 15 Year Old Chihuahua Has Very Sensitive Eyes Due To Iris Atrophy. Here She Is In Her ‘Doggles.’ I Smile At This Photo On An Hourly Basis. Hope It Has The Same Effect For Others.”

cute chihuahua with eyeglasses


This dog is so cute and he still Fits!

funny dog posts grown up still fits


“Just Want To Apologize To Any Of Our Neighboors Who Are Missing A Full Rack Of Ribs. Our Dog Escaped Through The Fence And Came Back An Hour Later With This.”

puppy steals a rack of ribs from neighbor
Peter Sparkie Lyons


Same Same

funny dog posts cow skin


Attack Dog

beware of the cute attack dog


“What? You’re Not Going To Include Me?”

funny dog posts photobomber



funny dog posts doga


“My Friend Made Holes In His Gate So Gus The Labrador Can See And Sniff”

gate holes for doggo


“Just Taking A Nap After Eating All The Strawberry Jam”

funny dog posts strawberry jam crime


“My Dog Stole The Head Of A Dish Brush”

hilarious doggo dish brush teeth


“Im a MONSTERR!!!!”

hilarious pet puppy versus crab


“Just Act Natural”

doggo copying homer meme


“My Pup A Year Ago”

funny dog posts watching 101 dalmatians


“When You Didn’t Expect Your Owner To Come Right Back Cause They Forgot Something”

doggo caught in the act


“My Dog Showing My Girlfriend That I’m His…”

possessive doggo claims ownership


“This Is My New Dad?”

funny dog posts disapproving look


It Fits

ball perfectly fits in doggos mouth



hilarious pet biggest drug bust of 2018


“I Am Batman”

hilarious doggo in batman costume


Doggo Hat

funny dog posts doggo hat


“When You Hear The Dog Park Is Closed”

bored doggo slumping on the couch


“Every Time I Call Williams Name”

doggo flexible neck


“This Rottweiler Is A Real Special One”

hilarious doggo sitting position



doggo pretends to be a duck for free treats


“Dog Looks Like It Could Be A Crash Bandicoot Villain”



“Poor Coin Slot Pupper”

doggo head accidentally shaved
Rach Sharpe


“Uhhh… I Don’t Think That’s How You Do That”

funny dog posts playing with tail


“Husky Encounters The Wind”

husky encounters the wind

Finally, which funny dog was your favorite?