This Awesome Pumpkin Disco Ball Would Impress Your Guests


Everyone loves a good jack-o-lantern, but let's face it, they aren't exactly ground breaking stuff. If you want to up your Halloween game for next year, you need to try this. If you've got a pumpkin, a drill or screwdriver and a little bit of patience, you could make one of these super cool pumpkin disco balls. It would certainly be a unique bit of decoration and a talking point at any Halloween party! This amazing idea comes from Dave Hax on his YouTube channel. If you want to know exactly how to pull this off, check out the video below to get some thorough instructions. It's one of those things that's fairly simple to pull off, but looks super effective! Check it out!
Website: Dave Hax 


pumpkin discoball





How awesome does this look?! We definitely want to try this next Halloween! 

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