This Brownie Stuffed Cookie Dough Comes In Two Delicious Flavors

It’s safe to assume that everyone loves cookies. But we’re going to love them even more with these new snacks by High Road Craft Bakery. The popular ice cream company unveils ready-to-bake brownie stuffed cookie dough. And it is as good as it sounds, it’s a cookie dough with a brownie batter center. So yeah, this actually brings our favorite cookies to a whole new level.

The brand offers the Cookie Dough in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Peanut Butter Cookie. Now, keep in mind that this is ready-to-bake cookie dough which requires baking before you can consume. Although ready-to-eat cookie dough is all the rage now, take note that these ones don’t fall under the same category. All you need to do is place the cookie pieces on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven.


Brownie Cookie Dough

Once baked, the cookie dough comes out with a crunchy cookie exterior with a gooey chocolate brownie filling. These yummy delights come in a 1.05-oz box containing 9 pieces. They contain real cane sugar with no preservatives, artificial colors or hydrogenated oils for healthier snacking. The description on the packaging reads:

“Just wait until you pull these little gems out of a hot oven! Everyone will think you actually made 2 batches of cookie dough then combined them so you’ll have steaming hot, all-butter cookies stuffed with brownie batter. Superstar!”


brownie stuffed cookie dough chocolate chip


chocolate chip cookies with brownie batter filling


brownie stuffed cookie dough peanut butter


peanut butter cookies with brownie batter filling

You can get them online for $6.99 per box. Unfortunately, the Peanut Butter flavor appears to be out of stock as of the moment. So, we’re left with the Chocolate Chip flavor, and we’re not even complaining about it. The brownie cookie dough is only available online. But the brand announced on its website that these goodies will be hitting stores in the near future. We’re hoping they’ll hit the shelves soon.

chocolate chip brownie stuffed cookie dough


peanut butter cookies with brownie batter center

Source: High Road Craft | Chocolate Chip | Peanut Butter