Hilarious and awesome gifts that every dog needs


These days, we simply love to spoil our furry friends with treats and toys that will keep them happy and occupied. So how about getting them something different? Something perhaps you may not have seen before? We’ve put together a list of some pet items that you will simply love! Some of them are so hilarious you’ll want to buy them just for your entertainment purposes! You can find a lot of these items available to buy right here on Awesome Inventions.
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Pet Umbrella


Some dogs actually hate to get wet while on a nice walk. Protects yours with this hilarious umbrella!
Find it here: Pet Umbrella

Dog Peek Window


Dogs are extremely nosy, so satisfy their curiosity with their very own window!
Find it here: Dog Peek Window

Pet Feeding Hutch

This creative idea means that you can tuck away the bowls once mealtimes are over.

Smiling Dog Ball

dog-gifts-1 dog-gifts-2

These funny toys will keep you and your pets entertained for hours!
Find it here: Smiling Dog Ball

Under Stairs Dog Kennel


A creative way to make good use out of your under stairs storage area.

Doggie Water Fountain


Now your dog can grab a drink when he pleases. All you have to do is train him how to use it!
Find it here: Doggie Water Fountain

Pet and Person Rocking Chair


Paul Kweton

Now you can relax together!

Built In Pet Bowls

A clever design idea that may inspire you to create something similar in your home.

Pet Videophone

Interact with your pet when your out of the house!
Find it here: Pet Videophone

Pet Neck Tie

Smarten up your pooch with this cute tie.
Find it here: Pet Neck Tie

Bedside Table/Dog House

Keep your pet close at night times.

Pet Trailers


These pet trailers will look awesome in your backyard.

Luxury Dog Bed

Your dog deserves only the best when it comes to comfort!

Aquarium Dog House

This looks awesome!

Mustache Dog Toy


Another hilarious toy to entertain not only your dog but you as well!
Find it here: Mustache Dog Toy

Dog Bone Pool


A great way to let your dog cool off in the hot summer.
Find it here: Dog Bone Pool

Pet Safety Harness

Most dogs love to ride in the car, but safety always comes first. This harness allows them to be strapped in while still being able to move around safely.
Find it here: Pet Safety Harness

Library Pet Bed

Give them some luxury!

Dog House Sofa

This way, they get to sit on their own part of the sofa!

Dog House


Here’s a luxury outdoor house any dog would love.

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