This House Which Was Abandoned For Over 30 Years Looks Like Nobody Left When You Go Inside


When you think about abandoned houses, you no doubt conjure up pictures of dilapidated and decaying buildings strewn with garbage. You certainly don't expect what Dave of the Freaktography site found when he entered this building in Ontario, Canada. A few steps in the door and he could see that the place was frozen in time and awesomely preserved.


The house owners daughter who is 76-years-old explained to Dave that the home was willed to a nearby church. Of course the daughter was unhappy with that and subsequently they both entered into a dispute. We guess it never got cleared up which is a terrible shame as it looks like it's an amazing place.

Website: Freaktography


It's like looking into the past.


There is something a little melancholy about the place.


Look at all these beautiful antiques.


So many books, it'd be so interesting to take a look at them all.


The gramophone has lots of old records strewn around it.


So much could be discovered about the people who lived here from these letters.


It's hard to imagine that bathrooms used to look like this!


The medicine cabinets were well stocked.



Packaging styles have changed so much through the years!


Check out this shaving kit and assorted odds and ends.


One of the bedrooms.


The remnants of someone's life in times gone by.


Whoever lived in this house must have smelled amazing!


What a cool old stove!


What an interesting look back in time.

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