49 Delicious Chocolate Treats From Across The Globe


Let's face it, chocolate is quite possibly a little bit of heaven. There are those out there who claim not to like it, and we've got to say that we can't understand that in the slightest. These people are either delusional, or have weird taste buds. And for those poor folks out there who are allergic to chocolate… we're so very sorry for your loss. But, for you chocolate-loving people, we've got just the thing for your appetite! "Ava's Flowers" have put together this outstandingly tasty infographic featuring 49 mouth-watering chocolate treats from around the world. From the Austrian Sachertore to the Romanian Amadine, we've got a true collection of global chocolate delights. If one was going to eat their way around the globe, we think that each and every one of these treats should be on the list. Prepare to get hungry, because here we go!
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Avas Flowers

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