You Can Get Yourself A Mountain Dew Mini Fridge From Walmart For Dirt Cheap

Chances are, your refrigerator is already full of your favorite beverages with no space to spare for your newly-bought cans of Mountain Dew. If you ever need some extra storage for your canned sodas, why not go for something impressive? You can now get a Mountain Dew Mini Fridge that can hold up to six cans of your favorite drinks. But of course, we highly recommend that you use this fridge for Mountain Dew only. Well, that’s because this mini appliance was created for that sole purpose.

Not only does this mini fridge keep your beverages cold but it also makes a perfect addition to your desk. It comes in a refreshing lime green color inspired by the classic Mountain Dew. The exterior features the official logo of the popular softdrinks brand, making it look like the actual can of Mountain Dew. It features a small see-through window, a silver locking latch and hinges that generally add to its overall modish style. You can add color and convenience to your work space, or even next to your bed, with its retro-inspired design.


Mountain Dew Mini Fridge

miniature cooling appliance

The mini fridge is equipped with a powerful yet vibration-free motor that generates reliable thermoelectric cooling. It cools down to 27 to 36 degrees F below ambient room temperature. The unit can be plugged into any standard outlet or a 12V car adapter with cords included. It measures 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide so it can easily fit on your desk, bookshelf or other handy spot.

mountain dew mini fridge


mountain dew mini fridge lime green color


retro-inspired cooler back

This mini fridge offers two internal shelves to hold up to six cans. The lower space can store four cans while the upper deck can hold two cans. Although we previously advised to use this unit exclusively for Mountain Dew, there are no strict rules that can stop you from placing other softdrink brands into it. Of course, other types of beverages are welcome as well. Take note that this fridge doesn’t come stocked with soda cans. But we’re pretty sure you already have plenty of canned Mountain Dews at hand. So, that won’t be a problem on your part.

retro-inspired cooler softdrinks


mountain dew mini fridge holds six cans


decorative mountain dew mini fridge

Get it from Walmart.

Source: Walmart