Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

It’s a well known fact that women have a higher life expectancy than men. Whilst this statement has proper statistics to back it up, over the years many people have turned the fact into a joke. Here we have a collection of images showing reasons why women live longer than men. It really isn’t surprising that the male sex doesn’t seem to live as long when you see the things that they get up to! Take a look! 

Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

The man looks very calm considering he’s got an arrow in his shoulder! 

Imagine seeing this! You would be cringing as the car turned corners… 

This guy is in the process of making a big mistake! 

Because cleaning windows is more important than life itself, apparently. 

We wonder if this ended in disaster… 

How not to operate a drill… 

Would you trust this ladder system?

‘Ah sorry lads, I forgot the ladder again’…’No problem, buddy. Everyone, take their places’.

Some people just like to live dangerously. 

This guy looks like he could do with an extra pair of hands… 

Eye protection? No need, who even needs eyes? So overrated. 

It’s all well and good until someone barges through the door! How did he even get up there in the first place?

This photo fills us with unease and nothing has even gone wrong yet! 

This looks so safe and secure! Said no one ever.