This Windmill Cutter Slices Watermelon Into Neat Little Cubes With Ease

Cut the hassle of cutting watermelons with this ingenious watermelon windmill cutter. Summer is clearly the best time to indulge in juicy watermelons. Not only do these fruits taste wonderful but they are incredibly hydrating as well. There’s just one problem that comes with it and we’re sure you’re totally aware of it. Cutting a watermelon into slices or cubes is no picnic. But now that has changed because this innovative fruit corer has come along.

This genius watermelon windmill cutter allows you to make watermelon cubes in one smooth motion. It features a set of automatic slicer blades in the shape of a windmill designed to cut perfectly cube-shaped slices of the fruit. Just push the slicer into the fruit’s fleshy part and watch the cube-shaped slices come out automatically. With this easy-to-use slicer, you can make clean and quick watermelon slices without breaking a sweat.


Watermelon Windmill Cutter

watermelon windmill cutter

The watermelon windmill cutter is made with stainless steel with a unique composition that allows fast and easy serving straight out of the watermelon and into the bowl. So, you can enjoy your refreshing fruits without having to deal with drippy mess. All you have to do is cut the watermelon into two.

Then remove the rind on one side to expose the fleshy part. Use the ruler on the tip of the slicer to help you measure the cubes of your ideal size. Hold the fruit by your other hand then slowly push the slicer into the fleshy part. Extract the slicer out and transfer the cubes to a bowl or plate.

watermelon windmill cutter box


automatic fruit slicer details


how to use watermelon windmill cutter

This brilliant kitchen tool has non-sharp blades and rounded edges making it perfectly safe for use even for kids. Plus, the windmill mechanism of the slicer will surely entice your kids to slice the watermelon for you. This watermelon windmill cutter also works well with honeydews, cantaloupes, kiwifruits and other types of melons. Moreover, it comes with a free melon baller so you can scoop the remaining pink flesh into balls. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This tool is so handy! I hate cutting watermelon and this is so fast and easy to use, and easy to wash. I cut a watermelon in less than 5 minutes. It cuts yellow watermelon too! The included baller is great for the small leftover, hard-to-reach places.”

watermelon windmill cutter slicer


automatic fruit slicer with melon baller


fruit cubes slicer


automatic fruit slicer


automatic fruit cubes slicer


fruit cubes automatic slicer

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easy to use watermelon windmill cutter

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