Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers Look Like Mini Sunsets

If you’re looking for unique flowers to add to your garden then you really need to get these Strawberry Blonde Sunflower Seeds. Considered as one of the mesmerizing varieties of sunflowers, these flowers feature shades of pink, burgundy and yellow. If common sunflowers embody the color of the sun in all its glory, this particular variety of colored sunflowers epitomize sunset.

Recently, the popularity of the sunflower as a garden flower has skyrocketed and it’s actually easy to see why. Aside from its vibrant yellow color, its remarkable behavior of following the movement of the sun also makes it special. Additionally, these flowers provide food for birds as well as tasty seeds for people. Not to mention, they also re-seed easily. There are more than 70 varieties of sunflowers. Among these beautiful cultivars, there’s one that’s quickly becoming a garden trend. People have been looking for Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers because when they bloom, each flower almost looks like a serene sunset scene.

strawberry blonde sunflower seeds

Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers feature a dark red color around the dark disk. The burgundy shade fades into a yellow color as it moves away from the center. Each flower almost represents the scenic beauty of the sky as the sun disappears on the horizon and daylight slowly fades. Now, you can bring this breathtaking scenery to your garden.


These Seeds Need Plenty Of Sunlight To Grow

These Strawberry Blonde Sunflower seeds are available in a pack of 15. To get the best result, the best time to plant the seeds is approximately three weeks after the last frost. A soil temperature between 60 to 70 degrees would be the most ideal spot to plant these seeds. Now is the perfect time to order them online so you can plant them before summer starts to kick in. Planting them indoors is also an option. But make sure to place them in areas where they can get sufficient sunlight.

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