Hangover-Friendly Cleaning Hacks After A Heavy Night

We’ve all been there, you invite a few people over for drinks, and it ends up getting a little bit out of hand. Before you know it, it’s the next morning and you’re left with a raging hangover, as well as some suspicious stains and other cleaning jobs, all related to the evenings party antics. While we can’t magic it all away, we have 12 awesome cleaning hacks that won’t be too hard for those who are suffering from a particularly brutal hangover! Check them out!

If your bed’s a little worse for wear, fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray it over your mattress to remove bacteria and bad odors.

If something terrible happened to your couch (we’re talking vomit, or worse) we know how to get the smell out. Damp the offending area down, sprinkle over some baking soda, leave it for a few hours to dry, and then vacuum it off!

Clean your messy sink with baking soda and half a lemon or lime. Just put baking soda on the cut end of the fruit and rub it over the surface of the sink.

Drunk people don’t always respect your coaster rule. If you’ve got ring marks on the furniture, lightly wet the marked area and then use a blow dryer to dry it off!

If you smashed a wine glass or beer bottle, pick up the shards by pressing white bread down on top so you don’t miss any, just be careful!

We don’t even want to know how you clogged your sink last night, but we know how to fix it. Crumble down a few ‘Alka-Seltzer’ and chase them with a cup of vinegar. Leave them to do their thing for 30 minutes or more, then pour down a kettle of boiling water and job done!

Have you got some left over cola mixer from the night before? You can use it to make your poor, abused toilet bowl sparkle.

If you wake up to a pile of vomit somewhere in your house, throw coffee grounds over the top. Not only will they dehydrate the puke, making it easier to clean up, they’ll also help to mask the stink!

Used in moderation, beer can actually help to remove stains from a rug, but too much will leave your house smelling like a brewery.

Get any suspicious stains out of the carpet with this brilliant solution. Mix up a paste of baking soda and water, rub it into the stain, leave it overnight, then vacuum it up!

Alcohol can help remove odors from a couch. Simply, spray it on using a spray bottle, then get a white sponge and rub like crazy. 

If you messed up the grill making drunken burgers, here’s a great way to get it clean!


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