Take Your Sand Castles To The Next Level With This Mold Set

Looking for a way to impress beach-goers this summer? This sand castle mold set helps you create stunning medieval towers like a pro. With this easy-to-use building kit, even your kids can easily build towering castles and fortresses on their own. It keeps you and your kids entertained for hours to make the best of your beach trip. Not to mention, your epic creations are sure to make head turns and make you the beach royalty.

The sand castle mold set consists of 6 separate tools including 3 tower cylinders, 1 window cutter, 1 ridged battlement brick form, and 1 multi-purpose tool. While you can still form sandy towers with a regular bucket, the cylinders in this kit feature fantastic details that you can’t get from regular buckets. No longer will you have to intricately carve brick details and sculpt corbels to support multi-level towers. Simply fill the cylinders with sand and let it create all the details for you. Furthermore, the tower cylinders feature split system with buckles on the side that lets you unlatch and remove the mold from the sides. This allows you to retain the shape of the castle better than a regular bucket where you need to lift the bucket up and off.


Sand Castle Mold Set

sand castle mold set

The tower cylinders make stackable towers and corbels which you can set on top of one another. Just make sure to maintain a good vertical balance to let your creation soar to greater heights. The window cutter tool, as the name suggests, is used to cut perfectly arched windows in your castles. Use the battlement brick form to create a series of parapets on top of your towering forts. And the multi-purpose tool makes it easy for you to clean away residual sand for a perfectly smooth surface.

sand castle mold set split system


sand castle mold set battlement brick form


sand castle towers building


sand castles

The sand castle mold set is made of PP plastic, a robust plastic material which is resistant to heat and cold. And if you can use it with sands on the beach, you can also use with snow in the winter. So, you can make snow castles and showcase your building skills no matter the season. Moreover, the kit comes with a mesh bag for easy and convenient storage and transportation. All the components including the mesh bag can be rinsed off for easy cleaning after each use. A customer review reads:


“The mold allows the castles to stand up all day without us worrying about them falling down. Our business is predicated on quality. The quality of the castles once you remove the molds are incredible. The details make it look like stone walls. Those details look great!”

sand castle mold set split cylinder


create-a-castle mesh bag


sand castle with glowing windows


sand castles building kit

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