This Fire Escape Shelf Brings A Touch Of Urban City Life Into Your Home

For some people nothing is more exciting than the hectic urban life. From the demanding city lifestyle and the fast-paced environment, the concrete jungle is indeed never boring. Pay homage to the fun-filled city life by placing this fire escape shelf onto your wall. And bring the excitement of an outdoor metropolitan right into your home.

This awesome piece of décor comes in the form of a zigzag fire escape which is typically seen on tall buildings in major cities. So, it’s like adding a classic urban element to your wall. The three-level shelves are connected by two ladders, with one extra ladder at the side of its lower half. It is made from hand-welded epoxy-coated steel and measures 25.5 inches high, 12 inches wide and 3.8 inches deep. You can use the wall-mounted shelves to hold candles, small potted plants, diffusers, figurines and more.


Fire Escape Shelf

fire escape shelf zigzag ladder

The shelf comes with mounting hardware including 6 wall anchors, 6 screws and 2 nuts. Setting up is quite simple and easy. All you need to provide for yourself is a pencil, a drill bit (7/32″) and a drill. Take the top piece and place it against your preferred spot on the wall. Use the pencil to mark out the holes and then drill the holes to insert the anchors. With anchors in, take the top piece and place it over the anchors. Secure the top piece in place with 2 screws.

fire escape shelf

Once the top piece is set up on the wall, take the bottom piece and place it below the top piece. Make sure that the ladder touches the upper shelf of the bottom piece. Take the pencil and mark the holes for the upper and lower portions of the bottom piece. Drill the holes for the remaining anchors then connect the bottom piece to the ladder of the top piece using the two nuts. Secure the bottom piece with the remaining screws. And your shelf is all done.

fire escape shelf wall-mounted

Proceed by decorating your shelves with whatever you can come up with. So, we’ll leave the decorating to your imagination. You can install it in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

zigzag ladder shelves


“I grew up running up and down fire escapes in the Bronx. It’s nice to have a bit of memory on my wall.”, a satisfied buyer wrote. “I love this shelving, it is so different and looks great on my kitchen wall.”, another buyer wrote.

city zigzag ladder shelves

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