This Couple’s ‘Mini-Pig’ Just Won’t Stop Growing


Mini-pigs are so popular right now, and no wonder! Those little guys are so tiny and cute. When Canadians Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins decided to adopt a mini-pig, they fell in love with a cute little 3 pound bundle of fun and couldn't wait to take her home. Esther, as they called her, began to grow…and grow…and GROW – into a 667 pound full-size commercial pig! Esther is so lovable that the couple couldn't get rid of her, so she continues to live with them, their cat and dog to this day. They created Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to Esther, and the world has fallen in love with her. Steve and Derek have even gone vegan since she came into their lives and as you will see below, others are changing their attitudes toward meat consumption after seeing Esther too.

Website: EstherTheWonderPig


















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