These Real Space-Saving Micro Cacti Are A Cute Addition To Any Desk

Bigger is not always better. Sometimes, a thing becomes better when it comes smaller. And when it comes to indoor plants, most people would prefer the cuter ones than the gigantic ones. Bonsai, for example, is the greatest proof of that. Since succulent plants are the latest trend in indoor gardening, people are frantically looking for the cutest succulents. And there’s probably nothing cuter than this micro cactus that we’ve recently found on Etsy.

One look and you might think that this micro cactus is a fake. But you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s a real cactus plant. Etsy seller TierraSolStudio has been selling hand-grown mini cactus plants that typically measure 1 to 2 inches tall. But the shop’s latest creation, the Micro Cactus, measures approximately less than an inch. The shop claims that this teeny-weeny plant is the smallest one among their plant collections. And if you order more than one, they will send you different varieties of micro cacti.

etsy micro cactus surprise

etsy micro cacti surprise

The micro cactus plant measures approximately less than an inch

etsy micro cactus varieties


etsy micro cacti surprise bonsai cactus

If you think the micro cactus plant is too small for you, you can opt for the mini cacti which are slightly bigger. Add a touch of cuteness into your home with these miniature plants. Despite their minuscule size, these succulents are long lasting and low maintenance plants. Plus, each item comes with simple instructions for easy assembly and low maintenance care.

The mini cactus plant is slightly bigger than the micro cactus

etsy mini cactus miniature plants


etsy mini cactus

The micro cactus comes with a white ceramic planter that is modeled after traditional bonsai pots. It also includes white sand for drainage and clean visual design. If you want this super tiny cactus, you can buy it on Etsy today. And you better do it now because the plant is quickly selling out. One happy buyer wrote:

“I ordered this for a friend and it was delivered today. It was even cuter than I thought and I’m going to order one for me.”