Ingenious Tricks For Your Clothes That Will Save You Money

Clothes and shoes are something that many of us invest a lot of time and money in. So, it’s extremely annoying when something breaks, loses its color, or, gets a nasty stain. Many people end up throwing damaged items away as they don’t know how to remedy the situation. However, here we have some ingenious tricks for your clothes and shoes that could save your favorite items from being thrown in the trash! There are some super helpful tips that we think you’re going to love. Take a look!

Repairing Holes In Boots

You may not have ever thought to use a bicycle repair kit on anything other than a bike, but they work great for covering holes in shoes! 

Stuck Zippers

To loosen a stuck zipper, run a wax crayon over the area that is causing you hassle. 

Grass Stains

Grass stains can be such a pain. However, don’t panic as there is an easy way to remove them. Mix together one tablespoon of liquid soap with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this to the stained area and let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse. 

Ink Stains

Another incredibly annoying stain to get on your clothes is ink. Strangely enough, some people have found that by applying hand sanitizer on the stained area and leaving it to sit for 10 minutes, the ink can be removed! 

Excess Fluff

Want to get rid of those bobbles on your clothes? Simply grab a razor and run it over the fluffy areas! 

Threading Your Hoodie Cord

If your hoodie string comes out it can be a huge pain getting it back in. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a straw to guide the cord in and around!

Furthermore, attaching a safety pin makes pulling the cord out at the other end much easier. 

Salad Spinners

This next tip is great for people who go camping. A salad spinner comes in really handy for drying small items of clothing quicker! 

Removing Make Up Stains

You might not expect it but shaving foam apparently works really well for removing make up stains! 

Extending Your Jeans

Never feel like you have to throw away your favorite pair of jeans when you can simply make a small adjustment! It looks pretty cool too! 

Removing Chewing Gum

Sitting in chewing gum is just the worse. Instead of picking it off in tiny bits, place some ice over the gum until it becomes hard. It should then come off in one go. 

Grease Stains

Talcum powder works a treat at assisting in removing greasy stains.

Shoe Smells

Remove those unpleasant smells from your shoes by placing a tea bag in each one and leaving it there for a few hours! 

Never Lose A Sock Again

Never lose a sock again by using a washable garment bag! 


Soaking your jeans in some vinegar before washing helps them to maintain their color.