These Awesome Tattoos Are Created Using Just One Continuous Line

Mo Ganji used to work as a manager in the fashion industry, but after realizing how much the manufacturing of these clothing items hurt people in developing countries, he decided to quit and do something that made him happy. That meant becoming a tattoo artist!

Mo appreciates the simple pleasures in life and believes that it’s often more difficult doing something in a simple way than in a complex way, so he chose to specialize in tattoos that are created with just one single, continuous line. Of course, because of the way that tattooing works, Mo can’t actually ink it in one continuous line, as he must build up the pigment and thickness of the line. However, when you look at the finished product you can see that it’s just one line that creates the whole tattoo.

His work is incredible! Who could have thought that such a simple idea would look better than many of the complex tattoos out there?

Tattoos using one line

Website: Mo Ganji