Street Artist Fabio Incorporates The Beauty Of Nature To Finish His Beautiful Portraits

Vibrant murals and meaningful graffiti have become mainstream in urban areas. But Brazilian artist Fabio Gomes Trindade incorporates the beauty of nature into his clever street art – creating a spectacular collaboration that looks so special. He strategically paints portraits of beautiful women under tree branches or flowering vines. And when the leaves or flowers bloom, the foliage gives the portraits gorgeous hair to complete the artwork.

Trindade uses spray paint to create portraits of women and girls where only the face and portion of the hair are present. Then he takes advantage of natural foliage to give the incomplete portrait the impression of having a ‘natural hair’. The breathtaking combination of nature and urbanism, coupled with his amazingly detailed painting, took social media by storm after he posted pics of his works on Instagram. One of most impressive works is the portrait of a child with a fluffy afro hair comprising of purple flowers.


Clever Street Art Combines Nature And Urbanism

The young girl on the portrait was child fashion model Egypt Sarai, whose charm was sweetly enhanced by the natural beauty of the lush flowers. This piece of clever street art was so stunning that the pic quickly became viral and was even shared by popular celebrities such as Viola Davis and Tina Knowles. You can check out and follow Trindade on Instagram to see his other creations including another portrait of Egypt Sarai with a different hairdo – two cute hair buns.





Source: Instagram