Aussie Comedian Celeste Barber Hilariously Parodies The Instagram Poses Of Celebs


It wouldn't be unfair to say that many celebs like posting highly stylized posed pictures on the net. Aussie comedian Celeste Barber has been posting her own, hilarious versions of famous Instagram snaps. Barber and her sister came up with the parody idea as a joke, luckily for us who now have awesome pictures to giggle at. "People take it all too seriously" Barber told the Daily Mail. "They have such an obsession with celebrities, the rich, the privileged, and all these lifestyle bloggers but yet the celebrities think they are doing normal things. Kim Kardashian posing in a pile of dirt; who does that in real life?" Indeed! Celeste is now encouraging others to copy her celeb parody trend under the #celestechallangeaccepted hashtag. Take a look! 
Website: celestebarber.wix


Kim Kardashian.


Justin Bieber.


Giselle Bundchen.


Demi Moore.


Serena Williams.



Miranda Kerr.


Lucy Hale.


Kim Kardashian.


Miranda Kerr.


Miley Cyrus.


Nicky Minaj.


Kim Kardashian.

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