Remember Dunkaroos? They’re Coming Back This Summer So You Can Snack Like It’s the ‘90s Again

Tamagotchi, Spice Girls, frosted tips, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Dunkaroos, Chicago Bulls dynasty, Walkman cassette players and Bop It. 90s kids surely remember these trends like it was yesterday. Although none of these 90’s fads will be coming back, there’s still something nostalgic about them that makes you wish it is 1990 all over again. Oh wait, one of them might be coming back. And if you’re guessing that Spice Girls are going to reunite this year then you’re wrong.

The quintessential snack of the 90s is officially returning to the shelves this summer. The popular cookie-and-frosting combo was launched in 1990 and became a staple of all kids’ lunch boxes in 1997. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2012. And just like other things that defined the 90s, people believed that they would never see their childhood favorite snack ever again.


Dunkaroos are hitting the shelves this summer


Well, 90s kids have all the reason to rejoice because General Mills is finally bringing back this delicious treat this year. Yes, it’s 2020 but we still prefer to snack like it’s the 90s. The brand’s official Instagram page teased its fans with a photo of vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles. Of course, the teaser made everyone so excited, pinning hopes of a possible comeback.  A week later, the brand finally confirmed the rumor that the snack will be officially coming back this summer.


Furthermore, the official Instagram page of General Mills also reposted the same short video which essentially confirms the great news. Despite all the catastrophic events happening early this year, the return certainly gives us a reason to smile and be positive. We will all be dunking this summer and feeling like we’re in the 90s again. And hopefully, the brand will also consider bringing back its chocolate version featuring chocolate frosting with chocolate chips. Summer can’t come soon enough.