Dr Pepper Sends Out Birthday Cake Flavor Cans To Its Ambassadors To Celebrate Their Birthday

Could you give a second to this news and pay undivided attention? Well, Dr Pepper has a new flavor. And it promises to change your whole perception of soda. Of course, we love the Dark berry sip. But, the latest thing here is this birthday cake flavored, Icing on the Cake soda!

Here’s the catch: you probably won’t find it on shelves. Why? Because it’s such an exclusive deal. Check out what Twitter user @JKMerm had to say about the new product he’s taken a picture of:

“I’m part of the Pepper Pack, which is the Dr Pepper brand ambassador program! They sent me a few cans of this for my birthday!”

birthday cake flavor dr pepper
dr pepper happy birthday
birthday pepper card

“Late post! ? wanted to get some good photos. Thank you @drpepper for the absolutely adorable birthday gift ? ?

dr pepper birthday cake

“It’s not officially your birth month until you receive a six pack of Birthday Cake from @drpepper ! ??”

dr pepper drinks

“A normal birthday is great, but a #DrPepperBDAY is truly second to none. Constantly humbled by how great @drpepper is to me and my fellow #PepperPack#Ambassadors. Cheers to many more years and many more Dr. Peppers.”

So now you might be thinking, how can you get one of these for yourself? Good question! Well, if you want to sign up as a devotee, just apply to be part of the Pepper Pack right here. Make sure you’re ready to defend why you have such a love for Dr Pepper. And, cross your fingers that you’ll have the best celebration next year, sipping on that pretty cool Icing on the Cake soda!