15 People Share Hilarious Pics Of Their Dogs Who Think They’re Cats

Some people prefer cats and some people prefer dogs, but for those who can’t decide between the two, we might know a solution. To solve this problem you could widen your search to dogs who think they are cats! That way, you get the appearance of a canine, with the mannerisms of a feline. If you’re feeling a little confused at the thought of this, maybe these amusing images will clear things up for you. We have a feeling that many of these dogs may have been cats in another life!

The person behind this photo installed a cat flap and received a dog!

This pooch grew up with two cats.

Fish watching is apparently really interesting!

This adorable pup is helping out with the newborn kitten.

Somewhere, a cat is looking at this feeling jealous.

The disappointment on this dog’s face is too much to bear!

That is one well balanced canine!

Kitchen surfaces are not just reserved for felines.

It seems it’s not only cats who feel the need to do this!

Aww, Huckleberry!

Nothing to see here, just some cats hanging out…

If they fit, they will sit!

We can’t imagine this being comfortable for very long!

Well, this isn’t something you see everyday! A cat and a dog stuck up the same tree!

Dogs Who Think They Are Cats dog up a tree


This is Tally. The adorable dog was raised alongside cats, as you may have guessed!