These Hilarious And Cute Cats Will Brighten Up Your Day

The internet loves cats. They’re everywhere! And it’s no wonder as they’re so cute and unbelievably funny. If you’re a cat owner you’ll be only too aware of how quirky felines can be. Your home will be filled to the brim with joy, love and laughter and there is never a dull day with a cat around. But kitties are not just fun and cute, they’re also some of the most elegant creatures around. You wouldn’t catch a dog nobly riding an elephant with its head held haughtily in the air, yet as you will see below, cats have got that covered. So, take a peek at the weird and wonderful lives of cats. Let us know if you’ve any funny cat stories in the comments.


Look who’s been caught with his secret bottle top collection!

So that’s where they get all their energy from. The secret’s out!

There are no words!

This is how far he got into the snow!

What a majestic creature…and doesn’t he know it?

This little guy knows how to have fun!

We hope this cat’s owner kept their receipt! 

This poor little fellow isn’t enjoying his first vet visit!

That bunny slipper is terrifying!

This cat’s owner kicked over his pet’s milk and didn’t replace it. Evil kitty is unimpressed.

These kitties are just loving their new cat bed. Not.

Those are some strange-looking kittens!

This cat jumped into a guy’s car and decided he was going home with him.

This cat just got meowed at by his owner!