Make Your Stuff Last Longer With These 15 Amazing Tips


Even if you have money to burn, it makes sense to save on essential items where you can. And because the money we spend on everyday household things adds up to a lot over the course of a year, it's great to know there are ways to make your stuff last longer. Replace your everyday items less frequently by checking out these 15 great tips…


Make your own laundry detergent for $30. It's supposed to last a whole year. Instructions here.


Make new candles from the leftover wax of your old ones.


Get LED or compact fluorescent bulbs.


Double steep your tea and use your used bags all over the house! Instructions here.


Turn your phone's background application refresh function off to conserve your battery.


Stick your old soap slivers to your new bar.


Freeze your berries to make them last longer.


Spray polyurethane on your wicker furniture to make it last longer.



Wipe your nails with vinegar before painting them to make the enamel last longer.


Wrap the top of your bunch of bananas in plastic wrap and keep them separate from other fruit to extend their life.


Cover your lettuce with a paper towel to keep it fresher, longer.


Make your razor last longer by putting baby oil on it prior to shaving. Dry it after use to prevent rust.


Cut your sponges in half to make them last twice as long!


Add a capful of vodka and a little sugar to your flower water to keep flowers fresher, longer.


Keep your onions and garlic fresh for months by storing them in paper bags with holes cut in them.

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