14 Apps And Gadgets Every Gardener Should Have

Aside from those lucky few born with green thumbs, we could all of us use a little help in the garden. After all, plants can’t speak humanoid, they can’t tell us when or how much to water them! Unfortunately, they have a habit of dying despite our our very best intentions. In 2015, however, there’s a gadget for everything. Luckily, that includes gadgets and apps for gardens and gardeners. From a USB stick that reads the quality of soil, to a device that alerts you when your plants need water, to informative apps that provide all the info you need to successfully get growing, there’s something for every gardener in this amazing list of garden-related gadgets and apps. Check it out…

This solar-powered mole and gopher repellent. Deter pests from your garden without hurting them with this device which sends out ultra-low frequency pulsations to deter the critters.

These ‘Rain Drop’ sprinklers. Perfect water distribution, every time.

This ‘Plant Sense’ USB stick. Measures the quality of your soil. Simply dip the stick in the soil then remove and insert the USB into your computer for a full reading.

The Pocket Garden App. Helps you pick the perfect vegetables to plant in your garden. 

The ‘CLICK and GROW’ Smart Garden. A software controlled plant growing machine that uses NASA-inspired Smart Soil, LED lights, fertilizer and an internal irrigation system to provide the perfect growing conditions.

The ‘Plant Link’. A handy device that measures the water needs of indoor or outdoor plants. It will even alert you when water needs topping up!

The ‘Garden Plan Pro’ app from Apple. Helps gardeners plan their season in record time. Packed full of features.

The Landscaper’s Companion app. A veritable encyclopedia of plant knowledge.

The Sprout It app. Great for new gardeners. 

The Netatmo Weather Station. A gadget detecting humidity, overall air quality, CO2 levels, sound pollution and more.

The Brinno GardenWatch Cam with flash drive. Takes time lapsed photos so you can see how fast your crops are growing. You can also spy on squirrels!

The Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor. Detects moisture levels, temperature, light and fertilizer levels sending you messages about what needs doing via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet.

The Gardener’s Handbook app for Android. This free app has ten chapters of information for new gardeners, including money-saving and landscaping tips.

The ‘Countercrop’. For indoor gardening year-round. Operates on advanced light technology and an ebb and flow water system, meaning growing herbs and the like on your kitchen counter is virtually risk-free!