This Amazing DIY Home Theater Is Disguised As A Regular Tool Shed

If you were to take a stroll past this ordinary tool shed, what are you going to think of it? Not much, really, if we’re being honest, right? It looks like it belongs to an elderly couple who like to keep their gardening implements protected while they’re not using them. However, that’s not the case. In fact, this shed is a lesson in how looks can be deceiving! It’s actually the ultimate home theater in disguise!
Website: toriicinemas

The initial design looks innocent enough!

When fleshing out the frame get some buddies to help you!

Welcome to the interior of this regular looking shed. It is amazing what can be done with the space!

Install a HD projector like this one, to make your theater feel like the real thing.

The candy rack adds a great touch!

Get some movie-inspired wall art to complement the space!

Install cool lighting…

Who wouldn’t be jealous of this amazing set-up?

Treat your mates to a great night in the shed!

What your new theater could look like from the outside…

Source: toriicinemas