Now You Have The Option To Cremate Loved Ones Into Diamonds

With burial space increasingly limited and the popularity of cremations on the rise, a Swiss company has come up with an amazing alternative to keeping a loved one’s ashes in an urn. Algordanza is the first company in the world to have developed the chemical and processing know-how to be able to turn a person’s cremated remains into a wearable, man-made diamond.

A person’s ashes are compressed and heated extensively before being turned into a sparkling jewel that the deceased’s loved ones can cherish, and wear, for many years to come. It’s surely a spectacular way to be remembered. So how is this incredible process achieved? 



Firstly, carbon is extracted by way of a chemical process from the deceased ashes. 

The carbon is then converted to graphite. 

After this, the graphite is heated to extremely high temperatures of up to 2700 Fahrenheit before submitting it to pressure of more than 870,000 pounds per square inch.


Being turned into a diamond doesn’t come cheap, and the smallest jewels start at around $4474.

The most interesting part? The color of the diamond containing the essence of your loved one can vary from white to dark blue, dependent on the boron content of their ashes. 


They do say diamonds are forever!

Source: algordanza