Possibly The Cutest Bartenders In The World


Hamsters are cute little fluff balls at the best of times, except maybe when they keep you up all night going 'round and 'round in a squeaky exercise wheel, but put them behind a bar and have them serve tiny drinks and pieces of food and your heart will just melt. This is up there with the kookiest pet photography, but we're certainly not complaining.

One Twitter user, Kawanabesatou, who has an unusual day job as a caretaker for a graveyard, spends his free time posing his pet hamsters in just the ways mentioned above and taking their pictures. Why? Well, why not! It might seem like a strange hobby, but there are far stranger ones out there and these snaps have brought joy to many. Have you ever posed your pets for cute or funny photographs?? Inquiring minds want to know. 

Website: Kawanabesatou


This little guy has prepared some ramen. Check out his miniscule chopsticks for major aww-factor. 


After pouring your wine, he's planning to get down to some serious hamster business on his tiny laptop and smartphone. 


Don't we all wish our hamsters would serve us sushi and sake? 


This dude might make the best cocktails in town, but he just couldn't resist stopping for a snack. 



What we really want to know is where he got his tiny Godzilla poster from. Too cute!

This guy looks like he's stored some of that sashimi in his pouches for later. 


This bartender is serving food in some kind of ship. It's a bit of an odd choice, but he is a hamster!


Just doing some chopping next to an inexplicably happy cat thing. As you do.

Now, don't you wish your local bar was staffed by hamsters? 

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