20 Awesome and Useful Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

New inventions are currently being produced every day, and there are many new awesome and useful inventions that are not yet recognized by the majority. Luckily, here is a list of the latest gadgets that we all need to know! Get ready and be amazed at how creative inventors’ minds work.


3Doodler Pen

This is not your ordinary pen. You can make your ideas come to life, plus it can be used to fix things that need patching up. You don’t have to worry about it overheating because it has a built-in cooler.

Awesome and Useful Inventions
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Latest technology to identify knock-offs

The Entrupy is the only thing you need to help you from buying fake products. It can easily identify 16 top fashion brands, and it takes 15 seconds for it to complete its analysis.

Awesome and Useful Inventions
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Personalized Suitcase Cover

Common problems for people who travel is finding their luggage in a sea of all other luggage that all look the same! Fortunately, the Head Case luggage cover can help you with this dilemma. Never lose your luggage again.

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A Powerful Smart Wallet

This Volterman is a wallet that you will never lose ever. It has a built-in power bank, an alarm that sets off when it’s far from the owner, a thief detector camera, global WiFi hotspot, and a global GPS tracker. It has everything you need ready to tell you when someone tries to steal your wallet.

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Airless Tires

These are Michelin’s Airless Tires. Say goodbye to all the inconveniences you had with ordinary tires. No need to worry about getting a flat.


An App which stops you from overspending while drunk

Avoid unnecessary spending with the DrnkPay App. It comes with a breath analyzer to accurately determine the alcohol levels in your body. When your alcohol level is high, it notifies the app and automatically blocks your credit card for 12 hours.

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Cat Play Box

There’s so many awesome and useful inventions for pets these days, just like this play box for your beloved cat. What a great gift!

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Glow in the Dark Jacket

Vollebak’s Jacket has multiple uses. It not only protects you from rain and wind, but also helps light up dark places you’re in for 12 hours! There’s no need to charge it because it automatically recharges during daytime.

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Portable Backpack Chair

More awesome and useful inventions! If you’re heading to an outdoor events, or if you just want to stroll and sit down at the park, the Brando foldable chair is for you! It’s lightweight and durable.

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Fast Folding Machine

When you think washing machines and dryers are the end of the clothes-washing industry inventions, think again! this is FoldiMate. It automatically folds your clothes fast and neatly. Perfect for everyone’s household.

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Sweatshirt that keeps you warm

Polar Seal made an entire collection of heated clothes, perfect for winter sports athletes. It has easy-control buttons to adjust the temperatures according to your liking.

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Jeans that will make you look slimmer

Jasper Conran and Debenhams created the perfect jeans that will help you achieve your desired look effortlessly. You can save time, money and effort from going to the gym with these perfect pants.

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Privacy Napping Tent

Nap Tent is an awesome and useful inventions for those who love to take naps and don’t want to be disturbed. Not only that, it can also be used as a mini theater for you to watch movies from your smartphone.

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Efficient Pet Water Dispenser

No need to carry around dog bowls when your dog needs to drink water. You can easily give your pet a drink while using The Leaf. Great for traveling and even just going for a stroll in parks.

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Amazing and handy products you wish you had


Whiskey Stash in Shoes

Oliver Sweeney shoes for men come with a small bottle of whiskey in every shoe.  You’ll never know when a drink might come in handy!

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Smart Insoles

Digitsole inserts are great for people who suffer from cold feet. It keeps your feet warm by simply adjusting the temperature using your smartphone. It can also be used for tracking your daily fitness activities.

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Soap that Eliminates All sorts of Bad Odor

Amco Rub-A-Way is a stainless-steel soap that helps remove strong scented food like garlic and onion. It is a permanent device since it lasts forever. They say it literally removes sulfur molecules from your hands and helps eliminate those smells that don’t go away easily with regular soap.

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A board that brings life to your boring workplace

FluidStance is an awesome and useful invention for those who spend long hours in the office. Instead of just sitting down the entire day, you can use this board to add some motion to your workplace and be able to have fun!

awesome and useful inventions
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This mirror allows you to see weight changes

A smart mirror like this helps scan your body and you can easily check its app on your smartphone or tablet because it shows which part of your body had recently changed. It analyzes which area you improved or need to improve on.

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Full-Face Snorkeling Mask

Unlike regular snorkeling masks, this one from Tribord is the most awesome and useful invention for underwater adventures out there. It has a clearer view, eliminates fogging, and prevents water from entering the snorkel.

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 Which one of  these awesome and useful inventions is your must-have product? We’d  love to know!