There Are Hidden USB Drives All Over The World With Secret Files For You To Collect

Aram Bartholl, a Berlin-based media artist, began his ‘Dead Drops’ project five years ago. It is possible that you may have walked past some of his workmanship and not even noticed as it is hiding in plain sight in cities all over the world. You see he has created an anonymous file sharing network by installing USB flash drives in random walls!

The idea is that you plug in your laptop and either drop or pick up files. It is a bit of a lottery as to what you might find though – hopefully not a virus! The artist is also encouraging people throughout the world to start installing USB’s in old walls around their neighborhoods. Interesting!

The USB’s are hidden in various locations around the world.

Will you be lucky enough to find one?

Each USB is in fact an offline file sharing community.

The USB’s are placed in a wall or surface with only a “readme.txt” file explaining how the project works.

All you need to participate is a USB compatible device!

Dakar, Senegal

Folsom, California

Salzberg, Austria

Cagliari, Italy

Hanoi, Vietnam

Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Pont des Arts, Paris


Check out the video below

Source: deaddrops / MessyNessyChic