5-Year-Old Lily Learns History By Recreating Photos Of Heroic Women


Brooklyn-based photographer Marc Bushelle and his wife Janine, have created a photo series in which their daughter Lily, has been posing as heroic women from throughout history. The parents began the project as a way to teach their little girl about history, in a way she would enjoy and remember. They also wanted to focus on strong women, who have changed lives in order to give Lily something to aspire to. Check out these awesome photos below.

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Lily as Josephine Baker


Lily as Bessie Coleman


Lily as Queen Latifah


Lily as Shirley Chisholm


Lily as Nina Simone


Lily as Misty Copeland



Lily as Toni Morrison


Lily as Admiral Michelle J Howard


Lily as Mother Teresa


Lily as Grace Jones


Lily as Malala


Lily as Mae Jemison

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