These Friends Made A Terrifying Discovery Beneath The Ground While Walking Through Some Woods In Germany


Somewhere deep in the woods of Northern Germany lies a very strange place with pipes which look like periscopes sticking out of the ground. Although the place is a very popular place for young children to play , a strange and uneasy energy hangs over the area. It was this air of danger and mystery which prompted a group of friends to explore what lies beneath the periscopes and to try to solve the mystery. You won’t want to miss what they found.

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The strange unexplained periscopes.

The friends found an entrance to an underground bunker and removed the wooden door with a crowbar.

They discovered an iron door inside which repeatedly swung closed every time it was opened which must have been pretty scary!

Someone had been there before the friends as there was a plastic bag and an old pipe lying on the ground.

The hallways seemed endless like some weird underground hospital.

Although there were junctions available to explore, the friends kept going straight so they wouldn’t get lost.

They came upon a dead end with a water filled hole.

Another dead end.

As they went on the friends realized that the corridors weren’t completely straight after all.

The friends weren’t sure whether they should keep going but they needed to know what this place was.

The graffiti on the left wall translates as, “Help!” (Not scary at all).

This yellow door was as heavy as one from a bank vault. Who or what had torn it out??

The friends tried hard but couldn’t decipher the writing on this door.

This sign translates as “Exit no 2”.

The friends figured that these could be ventilation pipes.

The group traveled through door after door…

…after door!

Then they stumbled across this chilling sign which read, “Hello Satan, I love you”.

At this point the corridors began to smell putrid like a sewer.

They found a strange painting of black lines on a wall.

Much of the bunker was flooded.

The place was so eerie.

The friends nearly jumped out of their skins when they spotted what they thought was an old man hunched in a corner. Thankfully it was just a pile of garbage!

They didn’t try to explore the flooded corridors, no wonder!

Then they found this strange old machine.

Another view of the machine.

Someone’s gloves.

This old shoe was stuck in some mud.

This sign means “keep clear”.

A submarine hatch.

Just before their camera died, the last photo they managed to catch was of this strange formation hanging from the ceiling. Straight after taking this, the friends got right out of the weird old spooky place. Ewww it makes our skin crawl!

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