These Ocean Creature Planters Are A Cute Way To Showcase Your Plants

Air plants have become a must-have for indoor plant enthusiasts lately. They’re perfect for those looking to incorporate nature in their living space who don’t have green thumbs. They’re low maintenance and make your home come alive. Part of the fun is finding a fun planter to place them in. If so, then you might want to consider Cindy Searles’ creations. This Occidental, California-based ceramic artist’s ocean creature planters will certainly jazz up your space with their vibrant colors and fun shapes!

Finding the perfect air plant pot is serious business for plant lovers. It is, after all, the perfect excuse to show off our unique personality and style! Other than ceramic, air plant pots can also be made with other materials like glass, wood and surprisingly, even sea urchin shells. Searles’ planters are made with ceramic craftily shaped like ocean creatures. Her current collection features narwhals, squid, jellyfish, octopuses, nautilus, pufferfish and whales!


“Hanging Air Plant Holders, Squid, Octopus, Jellyfish, Puffer Fish, Nautilus”

ocean animal planters
Cindy Searles

“Mini Octopus Garden Set”

Ocean Animal Planters By Cindy Searles with polka dot squid
Cindy Searles

“An Octopus Garden of Hanging Air Plants featuring an Octopus, Squid, Jellyfish, and Nautilus”

Ocean Animal Planters By Cindy Searles
Cindy Searles

“Small Hanging Puffer Fish Planter”

red pufferfish planter
Cindy Searles

“Hanging Whale Planters”

whale air plant pot in three sizes
Cindy Searles

“Giant Puffer Fish Standing Planters”

teal and aqua pufferfish planter
Cindy Searles

Cindy Searles creates fun vibrant ocean animal planters for air plants

Cindy creates each planter by hand which means that no two planters will be exactly the same. But isn’t that the charm of handmade things? Her planters take a rather whimsical form, as though they were conceived with child-like wonder. In addition to this, her creations also come in vibrant colors that’ll surely pop against any backdrop!

“Large Squid Air Plant Hanger”

colorful trio of squid planters
Cindy Searles

“Small Squid Air Plant Planter”

gradient squid planters
Cindy Searles

“Large Octopus Air Plant Hanger”

red, orange, and yellow orange octopus planters
Cindy Searles

“Nautilus Air Plant Hanger”

nautilius air plant planter
Cindy Searles

“Large Black Dots on White Octopus Air Plant Hanger”

polka dot octopus
Cindy Searles

“Narwhal Hanging Planter”

narwhal plant pot
Cindy Searles

The planters offer a playful presentation for your air plants as well. Cindy cleverly designed the planters to present the air plants as a part of their anatomy. Through her creative design, the air plants are transformed into tentacles, a pufferfish’s spines and even a whale’s waterspout!

Each planter is securely tethered with an 18-inch steel cable. She also offers planter sets you can gift to your mom, friend, or y’know, yourself! You can check out her creations via her highly-rated Etsy store. So if you know someone who’ll really love these planters, order one now! Don’t let the chance swim away!

Source: Etsy