10 Tricks For Fabulous Fuller Lips


In recent times, the trend of having bigger, fuller lips seems to have boomed. More and more people are trying to achieve the look without having to have plumping injections. And luckily for those people, there are numerous great tricks and tips to make this happen! So for those who are unhappy with their natural lips, below you will find 10 awesome ways to achieve fabulous fuller lips without enduring any pain. Take a look!


Use lip butter to ensure you don't have dry lips!


Exaggerate the angle of your lip liner so it doesn't follow your natural lip line.


Read below how to get Kylie Jenner style lips!


Using a dark lip liner will have the gorgeous effect that you see below. 


X marks the spot!



Use a highlighter for this great look. 


A highlighter can also be used this way instead.


Find your lip shape below and line like so.


Exfoliate your lips, it helps you use a pencil on them.


Plump your pout!